Garden views........

I noticed there was a sunflower growing behind my raised bed of tomato plants and it bloomed yesterday

The weather changed in the middle of the day yesterday to slightly cooler and a lot less humid.  I decided to mow the grass late in the afternoon.  Then I got my camera and took some garden photos.

Here is the little garden on the driveway.  My Dinner Plate Dahlia plants are getting big.  I can't wait to see how big the blooms are.

I'm pretty sure this is Swamp Milkweed.  As soon as it is done blooming I'm going to dig it up and plant it somewhere else.   It is right at the edge of the sidewalk and tends to lean over the sidewalk.

The Rose of Sharon are blooming.

I have two shades of lavender and this is one of them.

The Tiger Lilies will be blooming soon.  The ones in the backyard are really tall and the ones in the front (facing east) stayed shorter this year.  There are coneflowers all around this plant.  I just turned around and faced the other direction and took the photo below.