Farm Girl quilt progress............

I like to work on my the Farm Girl quilt blocks when my 2 friends come to sew.  The blocks take so long to make and it is great to have conversation while doing them.  I got the two sunflower blocks done.  They are 6" x 12".  I also modified the pattern slightly and made a double tall stem and leaves for which I still need to make the flower block.  I have one more set of the short leaf block all cut and ready to sew.  I will do the next 2 flowers when they come next time.
Here is a closer view of the block.  Those little connector corners on the leaves are tiny little 1" squares sewn diagonally.  I want to make at least one 12" sunflower block and maybe won't need the stem and leaves if I position it above the small flowers like it is in the background behind them.

I sewed a bunch more of the pink strip sets on Sunday and got them pressed yesterday.  I'll start slicing them soon so I can make more blocks.  I have one more batch of strip sets to make.