A little more tweaking...........

Something was still bothering me about the colorburst piece so I left it on the wall one more day and yesterday I decided that it needed the blue at the top left edge instead of the red and orange going all the way out to the edge.  I left the pieces I removed so you can see what was changed.
 Here is the whole transformation: top left - the beginning, next row left -first reveal, center - one more row added top and left sides, right - top left edge changed to blue, purple area changed a little, final design.  Now I can sew it.

When that was done I sliced the stratas for 32 more 16 patch blocks.

I needed to clean up the Farm Girl Vintage fabrics so I finished cutting the sunflower blocks and last leaf section.  Now I will put those in a container for the next time my 2 friends come over to sew.

In the back garden my blackberry and lemon lilies are blooming.

These pretties are right outside my bedroom window.  I have to dig out some of these lilies (again) so I can get to my outside spigot hiding back there.