farm girl quilt

Farm Girl Vintage update.........

While my friends were here yesterday I worked on my Farm Girl blocks.  I made a second strawberry and the 2 bowls and wooden spoon near the bottom on the left side.

I also got two more baby chicks cut out.  I still have to cut the heart fabric for both blocks.

In the early evening I decided to mow the lawn while we had a nice cool breeze from the north.  I doubt the grass will grow much this week since we haven't had rain for awhile and none predicted until Friday night.

Food blocks...........

One of my friends brought a die for me to use yesterday morning so I did some cutting.  Then after lunch I worked on a couple blocks for Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  I made my pumpkin with strips instead of squares and made it one row taller.  Since there are some other blocks that aren't 6" or 12" I figured it wouldn't make any difference it this one is 2" taller.
The other block is Peas and Carrots.  It is probably the fastest block I have made so far for this quilt.  If you want to see some of my other blocks I have a Farm girl quilt label in the Label list on the right sidebar for all posts pertaining to this quilt.

One more block............

I pulled out my Farm Girl Vintage blocks while my friends were here yesterday and made one more block, the large sunflower.  I still want to make 2 more little chicks and piece in some legs on the sheep instead of the embroidery they are calling for.  I haven't decided on a layout yet; that will come after I made another 10 or more blocks.
Last night I opened the new roll of batting and cut pieces for 2 quilts.  This will be the next one I do.  I have the back partially pieced for the one that comes after this one.  I think I will cut 2 more pieces of batting before I put the roll of batting in the fruit cellar storage area.

Playing with friends and sewing machines...............

My two friends came over yesterday and I worked on the sunflower blocks for the Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  I had 2 done earlier and the tall stem done.  I made one more stem and leaves and 2 blooms yesterday.  They are slow and tedious.
I made a final decision on the fabrics for the last three of the large X blocks.  See this post for the blocks that are done.

2 blocks.............

I sewed a second 
block last night.  I sewed the triangle sections for the next 2 blocks too.

I finished the tractor block and added a few of the other blocks to the design wall so you can see the size of the block in comparison.  It still needs hand embroidery of the steering wheel.  Several other blocks are waiting for hand embroidery too so I'll probably do them all at the same time. 

Yesterday was another beautiful fall day.  I trimmed the last Goldmound Spirea and then decided to mow the grass.  I knew I wouldn't be able to do it today because I have sewing circle at church this afternoon.  Last night I cut out some preemie layettes for our project. 

One block down, 11 to go.............

I made one block for the quilt I showed yesterday and this is before trimming.

This is after trimming the corners but it came out a bit larger than it is supposed to so I'll have to carefully trim it making sure I keep the striped pieces directly in the center of each side.

I also started sewing tractor parts for the Farm Girl Vintage quilt.  This block is 16" x 20" and the other blocks in the quilt are 12" and 6" finished sizes.  I'm thinking about making one of the barns too and I think it is 14".  I am planning on making my own layout, not following the book.

Farm Girl quilt progress............

I like to work on my the Farm Girl quilt blocks when my 2 friends come to sew.  The blocks take so long to make and it is great to have conversation while doing them.  I got the two sunflower blocks done.  They are 6" x 12".  I also modified the pattern slightly and made a double tall stem and leaves for which I still need to make the flower block.  I have one more set of the short leaf block all cut and ready to sew.  I will do the next 2 flowers when they come next time.
Here is a closer view of the block.  Those little connector corners on the leaves are tiny little 1" squares sewn diagonally.  I want to make at least one 12" sunflower block and maybe won't need the stem and leaves if I position it above the small flowers like it is in the background behind them.

I sewed a bunch more of the pink strip sets on Sunday and got them pressed yesterday.  I'll start slicing them soon so I can make more blocks.  I have one more batch of strip sets to make.

2 more farm girl blocks.........

My 2 quilting friends came over yesterday and I decided I would work on some more of the Farm Girl Quilt blocks.  I made the 2 cherry blocks in the top center......3 hours.
I think I need to make the big tractor block next and some of the flower blocks.

Then I cut the leaf parts of a stem and leaf block and made enough for 5 blocks or maybe I will double stack two of these for a taller stem since they will be sunflowers......another hour.

Then in one hour last night I made all of these blocks.  You can probably guess which ones I enjoyed the most.  I really dislike all of those connector corner squares sewn on almost every part of the Farm Girl blocks.  They are so fiddly to do it right and it takes forever to cut all of the little pieces for each block out of several different fabrics.  As much as I like the quilt I don't have the patience to spend hours on one 6" block.

21 blocks...........

Here is the "1" from the 21 blocks.  It is a six inch block for the Farm Girl Vintage quilt.

Red and purple are two colors that are hard to photograph accurately.  They are much more saturated color than they look here.  This is 10 blocks and there is another pile of the 10 duplicates.  I have just 5 more combinations to do and then I can go to the design wall.  I need to cut one more strip of each color.  The other 4 are already sewn in sets of 2 strips.

Farm Girl and 16 patch................

I made two more of the Farm Girl Vintage blocks.  The sheep still needs eyes and legs embroidered on the block.  I couldn't resist using a couple of my sheep prints in the Welcome block.

Here are all of the blocks so far.  The chicken still needs an eye too.  I will probably leave all of the embroidery until the end and do it all together.

I made 10 more of the sixteen patch blocks, these 5 and their duplicates.

The next 5 strips sets are prepared and ready for slicing.