A little sewing, a little designing.......

I started sewing the colorburst piece.  There are 15 rows so I am one third of the way done.

I added some more pieces to the second colorburst that I am designing.  At this point anything could be changed because I have no idea what the rest of it is going to look like.

My raised bed with the tomato plants is right next to my studio window.  A cardinal landed on one of the cages right by the sunflower.  First he laid his head in one direction for awhile and then turned it the other way like he was suntanning and trying to get his tan even.  Then he straightened up and I got this shot through the screen.  My green tomatoes are on the left.  I have had 3 Early Girl tomatoes ripen so far as well as a handful of grape tomatoes.  The rest however are taking their time ripening.