5 seams sewn...............

I finished sewing the vertical seams and got 5 of the horizontal seams sewn.  It will shrink 5.5" more in length when all of the seams are sewn.  I changed some of the yellow pieces to a softer golden yellow instead of the bright pieces I had in there in previous photos.

Here is my little bouquet of zinnias along with some more tomatoes ripening on the windowsill.

I love the centers of the zinnias.   It is like a ring of little flowers circling that center.

 I love the view from my kitchen window.  There are more flowers back there this year than ever before.  I have kept it cleaned up this year keeping out the weeds that grow tall.  There a Creeping Charlie carpet in many areas.  I tear it out by the armload but it grows back in.  I also have Virginia Creeper and wild strawberries as well as hundreds of violet plants.  The hostas are doing great this year too.