Colorburst 2 sewn.............

I finished sewing the cross seams on Colorburst 2.  It is 34" square.  I turned it one quarter turn from the way I designed it.

My friend Sharon thinks I should join them together (along with any others that i make) into one large piece.  Colorburst 1 on the left is 30" square.  I could add 2 rows to the bottom of it and sew these 2 together.  It would end up 34" x 64".  That would make a nice wallhanging above the head of a queen size bed (which is 60" wide). 

I now have to switch gears and work on cleaning the basement for my art quilters group that is coming on Monday.  I may get a chance to put the pink 16 patch blocks up on the design wall when i get tired of cleaning.