Wicked storms, but all is OK..........

I made 11 blocks yesterday morning and early afternoon.  In the late afternoon storm watches were beginning.  The tornado siren went off twice but the tornado went south of me.  It was really scary to hear my town mentioned on the news as being in the path of the storm.  We got an inch of rain with that storm after getting almost 3/4" overnight and light rain all through the day.  

I went to the basement when the siren went off and put the new blocks up on the wall.  I have to decide now which fabrics need to be used for the last 4 blocks.  I'm not happy with the arrangement of colors and fabrics at this point.
I have a tiny little start to an elephant ear plant.  I'll have to take a photo once a week on this plant to document the growth.

This is the corner of the yard where the ditch lilies are with hostas along the front of the bed.  It has gotten way too shady for the lilies and they don't have many blooms.