Quilting with light..........

I'm really enjoying the new lights on my machine while I'm ditch quilting.  To see more about the lights, click hereI finished all of the ditch quilting and now I need to decide what else to add.  First though I need to use the vacuum cleaner and clean off two tables.
It was a little hazy yesterday morning, foggy some places.  When I looked out the window I saw a squirrel (left side by the pole) birds at the feeder in the center and a bunny watching all of it.  I love my little wildlife preserve in the backyard.  If you enlarge the photo and look carefully you will see the cannas growing in the back by the trees.
I cut back the hydrangea bush last fall but it is still laying all over the seedum and hostas.  I don't know if they last as a bouquet in a vase but I think I need to cut a few of them.