Preparing for cutting...........

Yesterday I cut a strip off each of the Keiko Goke Japanese fabrics that I want to use for my Strips 'n Curves quilt.  I needed 3 different widths depending on the way the largest template would be cut from the fabric.  This first one is lengthwise stripes with the stripe being cut on the diagonal.
The second cut is using the template with the long edges on the straight of grain.

The third one is crosswise stripes with the stripes on the diagonal.  

By cutting these strips I won't have to be wrestling with large pieces of fabric when cutting the pieces.

 This group is the rest of the fabrics and I don't know at this point if I will use them in the quilt so I didn't cut strips from them.  I will just keep them out and decide if they work later.

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you might remember I made a trip around the world quilt from this group of fabrics in 2014.

My hydrangea blooms are at three different stages right now.  They will be all white soon.

We got a third of an inch of rain Monday night so I didn't have to water my tomato plants yesterday.