First blocks.........

I did a lot of cutting yesterday (Strips 'n Curves templates set 1 and 2 and rotary cutter) and by last night I was ready to lay out some blocks.  I always start this way, making some random blocks and then go to the design wall when I have a bunch sewn.  At that time I decide what I need for the rest of the blocks and plan them.
This is all loose pieces laying on the table.  I did get these 8 sewn last night while I watched the news and weather.  The blocks look a little bumpy right after they are sewn but they will look fine when they are pressed.  Here is a post where I show sewing the curved seam.  I now clip a small V at the center of each piece and don't use any pins.

We got almost an inch of rain Tuesday night and yesterday was hot and steamy - 93 degrees.  I did my half hour of weed pulling when it got down to 82 just before dark.  Today is supposed to be cooler so I will be planting my 91cent begonia.  I love those clearance sales.  I got some Dahlia bulbs too (3 for $2) so I'll get them planted in pots. 
The Red Penstemon is in full bloom and leaning over the sidewalk after the rain.  The balloon flowers will be the next ones to bloom in this garden.

The Milkweed is starting to bloom.  I haven't seen any Monarch butterflies yet.