Next in line............

I got these fabrics and templates out on Sunday afternoon.  Then I mowed half of my yard and worked on preemie outfits in the evening.  Yesterday I finished mowing the yard in the morning, church sewing circle in the afternoon, filling bird feeders and birdbath and pulling weeds on my way back across the yard before it got dark.  I was simply too tired to work on anything last night.
Several of us in the art quilters group were talking about doing another project with the Strips 'n Curves templates.  They will be coming in 2 weeks so I thought I had better start cutting mine.  Maybe while it is raining today I will get to it.  I also need to work on the horizontal strips in the Marcia Derse triangle quilt so I can get it off the design wall.

I sold a couple quilts in my Wandaful Quilts blogshop so I will be going to the post office to this morning.