Back to the Marcia Derse fabrics...........

I showed these triangles back in February and am finally getting back to using them.  The post in Feb. is much truer color.  It is so much more vibrant than this photo.  There will be some divider strips running across in the white area between the sections.  Last night I got the center section sewn, 4 hours.  I usually start at the top but I was afraid I would knock pieces down in the middle part while reaching up high to get the top pieces down.  After the 3 sections are sewn I'll play with strips to get the right combination of colors and widths.  Right now it is about 72" wide and the length will be determined as I plan the insertions.
I picked a bouquet of my beautiful white peonies.  This is just 4 stems with all of those blooms.  One stem had 6 blooms on it.

 After showing the crooked cobblestones yesterday I wondered if maybe I can design something with both of these groups of pieces together.  I'll have to think about it for awhile.