Triangles 1 and 2..........

In March I drew two triangle quilts on graph paper while I watched TV.  I wanted one more orderly and one a little wilder in design.  Above is Triangles # 1 with its drawing.  I ended up turning it a quarter turn to the right and left off the last row of triangles around the perimeter.
 This is the wild one...Triangles #2.  When I draw out a quilt it usually looks interesting on paper but when I make it with fabric, it sometimes loses its appeal.  In this case I think both of them turned out rather nice. 

I didn't sew a stitch yesterday.  I did laundry and looked through quilts and quilt tops to offer for sale.  I have had several inquiries lately about new items for sale.  For the new readers, I have a link on my right side bar for my blogshop, Wandaful Quilts.  I haven't listed anything new for quite awhile.  I will start listing today with small finished pieces.  I should have the first batch on there by noon Central Standard Time.  Hopefully I will get some quilt tops listed by the end of the day.  I have to do a lot of measuring and checking to see if I need a new photo or if my previously posted one is good.