Tablecloth debut...........

My new quilted tablecloth looks great turned diagonally on the table.

Now I think I need to make some more accessories for the kitchen from the same fabric line that I used on the border.

It will look great flipped over too with that big polka dot print on the back facing up.

My two friends came over yesterday to sew and I worked on Triangles #2.  I made the last 2 sections and then got it all sewn together.  It measures 49.5" x 70" right now.  Here is the previous post with the drawing that I worked from. 

Thank you to all that took time to comment yesterday.  I enjoyed all of the comments and the voting for your choice of orientation of my little wallhanging.  I'm still undecided but it will be #2 or #3 and I'm leaning toward #3.  The overwhelming choice from my readers was #2 with #3 in second place.  I could revise my thoughts about the quilting and put a hanging sleeve on both top and bottom and then it could be displayed as #2 or #3.