Some quilting..........

I cut batting for several projects yesterday.  Then it was time to quilt something.  I looked for projects with backings that were ready too.

I did organic straight line quilting, free hand and nice and wobbly.

Here is an even closer look.  This quilt is kind of stiff with all of this quilting so I'm hoping it will soften when washed.  I got it trimmed and the binding sewn on but not finished.

I decided to quilt another one that had the backing ready.  I made this top in February last year and it is a tablecloth for my kitchen.  I used Thermore batting which is a very lightweight and flat polyester batting.
I crossed over and the world didn't come to an end.  No quilting police showed up at my door.

This is the same spot on the front of the quilt.  I was using red thread and I really couldn't see where I had already stitched when I was on the red and white prints.