Zig Zag - the leftovers............

A reader of my blog contacted me in 2011 and wanted to know if I wanted all of her leftover triangles.  She had made several quilts inspired by the book "Spectacular Scraps" by Judy Hooworth and Margaret Rolfe.  I had also made a few quilts inspired by that book.  I had no idea how many pieces she was going to mail to me.  First I made this quilt in 2011 with them.  She had also sent squares of fabric that were from the same group of fabric so last year I pieced triangle squares from a bunch of them to go along with the leftover pieced squares she had sent.

I put these up on the design wall yesterday and finished sewing it together late in the afternoon.  I didn't measure it but it should be about 39" x 51".
This little batch is all that is left now.  I will give these to a friend.

This was my goal....an empty box.