Organizing for a program.........

This has been a very social week so I have only had bits of time here and there to sew.  Yesterday I visited my brother and sister-in-law in their new residence.

I decided I needed to start organizing my quilts and tops for the trunk show program that I will be giving in about 10 days.
I group similar things together so if I'm talking about star quilts, I'll show all of the star quilts at that time. 

I need to decide which ones will hang on backdrop stands.  I have 2 stands that I take and there will be at least one more available if I want it.
I have a lot more piles to make so I'll keep working on it over the weekend.  Then I need to decide the order that they will be shown in the program.  I try to alternate quilted ones with quilt tops so the ladies holding them up have a break.  Their arms get tired after awhile.  After that comes the packing of a couple large bags and rolling the rest on swim noodles and tying the roll with strips of fabric.