More play with orphan blocks

I added one more Northwind block on the left side and that gave me enough length to add the big block near the bottom right.  I'm not sure all that I have added on the bottom will really fit together without spacers.

If you go back to yesterday's post you can see the changes I have made.

I put most of the rest of the blocks up on the design wall so you can see what else I have to work with if I make it larger.  There are 9 red/purple 16 patches that aren't shown here.

The question is do I stop when I like it or keep going and try to use all of the blocks.  This is a double design wall 7' tall, 8' wide.  I would have to design it sideways if I'm going to use all of the blocks.  I'm happy with the top 42" x 42" section so I could sew that together to make it easier to shift sideways.  Right now the whole thing would only be 42" x 67".