Playing with orphan blocks............

This was the first layout following my graph paper drawing yesterday.  I didn't notice the 4 patches turned the wrong way on the top until I got all the way to the computer.  

I didn't like the all light edge on the left so I want back down to the basement and made some changes.

I fixed the 4 patches and rearranged the vertical row on the left.

I added the bottom row of strip pieced blocks but it looks too dark and distinct.

Back down to the basement........

I put in some lighter strip pieced blocks.  The 4 white rectangles in the lower right are places for spacers.  I can just add strips onto the blocks there or maybe make something specifically for that area.  I'm not happy with that area.  I will leave this on the wall for a few days.  This would be about 46" x 59" right now, not very big.

I moved the 1.5" design wall foam boards into the place I had taken the 1" ones from.  Now I need to get busy and quilt something.