3 ways to make Hunter Star quilts.........

One way to do Hunter Star is in scrappy format with 8 different triangle sections making up each block.  I really like it and probably will continue making blocks like this.

Another way is to have all 8 of the triangles that make a star block of the same 2 fabrics.  This is the first Hunter Star quilt top that I made in 2015.

The third way was the layout of my most recent Hunter Star quilt top.  In this one the quarter square blocks are 2 triangles from the same fabric combination sewn together and placed diagonally across from each other and a second combination is in the other 2 corners.  In this quilt each fabric pair is in 2 blocks rather than all in the same block as in the photo above.  That makes this one look a little more scrappy but not as random as the first photo.

You can see that a little more clearly in the shot of one block.

I hope this gives you more ideas for playing with the blocks if you make a Hunter Star quilt.

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