Pressing, cutting.......

Here are 4 more combinations of the Australian fabrics for Hunter Star.   I spent quite a bit of time pressing the fabrics that I'm cutting for this quilt.  I have seen so many tutorial videos where the presenter lays wrinkled fabric on the mat and then proceeds to show cutting.  The only way to have accurately cut shapes is to have flat unwrinkled fabric.  The fold lines take awhile to press out but it is so necessary.

This is the next batch ready to cut.  They have to be layered all right side up for this die so after cutting the shape needed to cover the die, I then have to layer each pile correctly.  These 2 groups will make 32 more blocks to add to the 48 I have done.  They are 6" blocks so there will be lots more cutting.
Here is the first Hunter Star quilt top I made 2 years ago.  It has 96 blocks and was 48" x 72".  If I can stick with it I want to make the Australian fabric one a little larger.