Cutting, cleaning, nature walk.........

After finishing vacuuming the basement I pressed 12 more Australian fabrics and cut the size I need for the Hunter Star.  Then I sorted each fabric so they were all face up.  I will get them cut this morning and then return to cleaning off the tables in the basement.

I went out around 4 p.m. to take some photos and fill the bird feeders.  I walked into my neighbors' yard to take a picture of the Cannas.  They are taller than me now but no blooms yet.  Last year only 2 bloomed.

The whole row of tall hostas are blooming now with the sweet smelling flowers.

I dug up and split one hosta when I was planting my Shasta Daisies.  I didn't think it was the tall variety but the flower is the same.

I need to either give this hosta to someone or get it planted next month.