A diversion...........

Debbie at the blog A Quilter's Table announced a quilt along on Monday.  I was itching to join in but had too many things going on earlier in the week.  Last night I had to have some fun.  I had starting making a bunch of the strip sets in January 2016 and had all of them in a project bag.  Here is where I played with them on my design wall.  I thought they were all too dark and just put them away for awhile.
This is the new batch I made last night.  I am using the cutaway strips from when I straighten the edge of my batiks before I cut for a project.  They are usually wider at one end than the other and slightly crooked.  All of these pieces are a little over 10" tall so they could be cut in half for 5" wide pieces.  

This is the old batch from over a year and a half ago.  Soon Debbie is going to post again about the quilt along so hopefully I'll get  some ideas of a direction to go with all of my strip sets.  Meanwhile I had a lot of fun sewing while I watched 3 episodes of a Netflix show.