4 more stars...............

Yesterday morning I took this photo from my kitchen window.  My camera kept wanting to focus on the background and this is the only photo that was good.  The butterflies are loving the coneflowers and so are the bees and wasps.  The flowers are starting to fade and have holes from bugs.  I leave the dried seed heads all winter for the birds to eat.

In the background are the Dianthus and Coreopsis that are in front of the tree straight out from my window.

 I sewed units for 4 more large star blocks.  I left the pieces in the bottom right corner so you can see that I'm designing with the triangles.  I haven't sewn any blocks together yet and most likely won't until I have more made and know what direction I'm going with this quilt.  I'm liking the red and black with white, beige and pale green in the light fabrics.  I have 4 more combinations to sew in this color range.  I have 2 options: add more colors in or repeat the same fabrics to make more blocks.  I'm going to go slowly and enjoy making this one so no decisions at this point.
My pale pink Weigela bush keeps blooming.  It has a few branches that bloom at a time so it has been partially in bloom for a couple months.