More blocks..........

I sewed some blocks with the graphic squares print and I think I like them in there.  I need to make more of them though so they can be evenly distributed. 

Out in the garden: a Hosta getting ready to bloom in front of the Annabelle Hydrangea which is huge this year.

This Hosta with the small green leaves has the most showy flowers.  I have about 5 of these and 3 are in bloom right now.

The Rose of Sharon bushes are starting to bloom.  I have three different colors of them.  They are coming up everywhere.  

These are on my way to the tomato garden so I pass them a couple times a day. 

I am reading "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" and am almost done with it.  I think I read for 4 hours yesterday but it was too hot to be outside anyway.  It is hard to put a book down when you are getting near the conclusion of the mystery.