Cutting more pieces..........

I cut more pieces from the graphic squares fabric and just laid them on top of already pieced blocks to try to get an idea of how many I need to get a balanced look.  I am going to have to piece more of the small blocks which aren't as much fun to sew.  Meanwhile I have to take a break from this to do my "homework" from church sewing circle on the tote bags we are making.  Also I have cutting to do for a friend before Tuesday.  I may get a few Drunkard's Path blocks sewn but there won't be any major finishing this weekend.
The Rudbeckia in the front garden is starting to bloom.  In the backyard it gets a little more shade so it will be a couple more days before that blooms.  I took this photo at 8 p.m. so the green looks pretty dull.  It is prettier than this.
The Dahlia has four blooms now.  They are still fairly small.  I have another plant that looks like it will be yellow blooms.  The other 2 don't seem to have any buds yet.

The Begonias that I brought in for the winter are doing great.  They were rather spindly all winter but they have really filled out now.