Many things........

Yesterday I wanted to get back to cutting my Kaffe fabrics in 2.5" squares.  I had 45 more fabrics already pressed and cut into strips ready to cut so I got that accomplished.  Then I decided I needed to lay out one stack in color order so I can tell when I'm ready to do a colorwash with them.  The two rows on the right in the bottom tray are multicolor, no specific color could be determined.
When I finished that I decided I needed to look for backing for this top.  I found one that I have 6 yard of and it is hanging over the arm of the chair.  Then I took the top off the double design wall so I can start using it again.
My unfinished projects have been nagging me so I pulled this one out.  I had stacked the rows when they were on a single wall for several months.  I started piecing the blocks in August last year and played around with a design for them.  I think I need to make some more blocks to make it one row wider and maybe one row longer.  I'll start cutting them today out of some newer Marcia Derse fabric that I have purchased since last August.
Yesterday morning I noticed I had two tomatoes starting to turn red.  I decided I would leave them until later in the afternoon and then pick them before the critters come and take one bite out of them.  You notice there is only one here....yes, by the time I went back out to pick them there was a big bite out of the other one.  I'm pretty sure it is the squirrels that do it but overnight it could be opossums or raccoons.  I have lots of green tomatoes out there right now so I'll be keeping a good eye out for any change of color and let them ripen on the windowsill inside.