I only did cutting, no sewing yesterday.  I planted 2 more pots a couple days ago and haven't decided on a spot for them yet.

I saved some begonias as houseplants over the winter so now it was time to pot them too.  I also put a couple petunias in the pot on the right.

I have blooms on the Early Girl tomato plant.  I hope the bees will do their job now.

I bought a couple little bush tomato plants that I have in pots.  One has a tiny tomato on it.

The black raspberries are just forming.

I did a real chop job on my red Weigela bush last fall.  It should have been trimmed right after it bloomed instead of in the fall.  I only have a few branches with flowers on them.  The bush is much better shaped this year and should be full of blooms next year.
I have one more variety of pink Columbine blooming.  I bought this plant at a gardening club sale about 8 years ago. 

I pulled lots more weeds yesterday and now I'm going to spend 2 days inside while it is hot and humid. 

I have lived in my house exactly 45 years now.  The people who built it lived here 18 years and it sat empty for one year before we bought it.  I have always loved stone houses so I think I was meant to live here.