Fumbling along........

I'm having a hard time zeroing in on a project to work on....mostly because I have too many ideas. I decided to just pull out a box of blocks that haven't made it to a finish yet.  I had already cut that orange print as setting triangles so I knew I had been playing with these on point.
There were squares of the orange print already cut too so I put them in but it really isn't doing much for it.  That is probably why I never finished this project.

Then I moved all of the lighter blocks to the perimeter and dark ones to the center. It is a little better but still needs rearranging.  This project may go back into the box.

I have one little Tiger Lily volunteer coming up between the 2 Cranesbill plants.  I'll probably leave it until I see if it will bloom and then I'll pull it out.

The tall flowers in front of the hostas are native Heliotrope.  They are sweet smelling almost like lilacs.

Here is a close up of more of them in front of some other hostas.

The Husker Red Penstemon is just beginning to bloom.  I moved a bunch of volunteers from it to the back garden and they are blooming back there too.