The last 3 stars......maybe..........

I finally went out and picked a bouquet of Lily of the Valley.  I also pulled some weeds out by the root since we got over an inch of rain again on Wednesday.  
This is the block that was laid out in yesterday's post.  I changed the center 4 squares to dark values instead of the light that was in it.
I was using up the triangle squares that were already sewn and there isn't much variety left.
This is block #35.  I used the 4 center squares that were in yesterday's layout in this one.  They look much better here.  Now I need to arrange and rearrange the 35 blocks I have and see if they all play well together.  If they don't I will make some more.

For the buyers of the colorwash kits:  Here are some links of colorwash pieces in progress.
link onelink two, link three, link four.