Odds and ends........

I put the last 6 blocks up on the design wall with the others hoping that I can decide how to arrange them.  I wanted to spend time outside yesterday so I didn't work on this.

It was 83 degrees so I decided to plant the tomatoes.  I put in 9 plants this year.  It was crowded with this many a couple years ago but last year with 6 plants everything started dying back early and I wished I had put in more plants.  One friend says she strips the leaves off the plants so better ripening can happen.  I could do a little of that if they get crowded.
I have a late variety of lilacs and they are just beginning to open.  They are right outside my bedroom window so I'm hoping for fragrance soon.

Here are the rest of my Mother's Day presents.  I'm looking forward to the grilling pan for chicken breasts for my salads and grilled cheese sandwiches.  I'll watch the videos and see other uses for it.