Daylight photos.......

My daughter took photos of a few of my quilts with the natural daylight from the east window. Most of the photos on my blog are taken in the basement with daylight fluorescent bulbs.  The ''real" daylight is so much better for true color and value changes.  This is the Trip Around the World I finished in January.  You can check back here as to how it looks with daylight bulbs.
Here is another one which shows the richness of the colors of the plaids and stripes.  I finished it in March.

My daughter made the mosaic tile framed mirror on the wall behind me.
The redbuds are in full bloom now.

The cranesbill has its first flower. I have 3 different varieties of it and this is the earliest bloomer.

I dug up some hostas to share.  There are 6 plants in that box.

I took a few more garden photos that I will show tomorrow.