Partially sewn..........

Yesterday afternoon I sewed the first 12 rows together.  It takes 7 minutes to sew each seam from top to bottom, matching each intersection.  Last night I sewed the last strata, pressed it and cut the remaining 15 pieces that I need to finish the top.
I have had a little branch of cactus in a glass with a little water for almost a year now and it has a nice root ball but I just haven't gotten around to planting it.  All of this time I was thinking it would have red blooms so imagine my surprise when it got a bud and bloomed and it is from the plant with the big pink and white blooms.  I really need to get it planted now. 

Chicago really got socked with lake effect snow yesterday.  I am 60 miles west of Chicago and we had a new coating of snow on the ground when I got up but the city and close suburbs had snow from midnight until afternoon.  The airports had 7.7" and 9".  Out here in the boonies we had about 10" of snow in the first half of December and it was bitterly cold and then only about 3" of snow in all of the months since then.