I made another attempt to clean off my cutting table and found a few wedges leftover from a Kaleidoscope quilt top I made many years ago.  I knew where my other Kaleidoscope leftovers were in the basement so I headed down there.  I found some more of the same batch plus this piece of leftover strata.  I have enough pieces to make 4 blocks before cutting the strata.
In the basement spot I also found all of the leftovers from the floral Kaleidoscope quilt I made.  I haven't figured out how many blocks I can make from all of this strata.  I'm sure there will be enough for a good size table topper.

I also worked on the black, gray and white TAW and got another 15 long strips sewn together.  I unpicked the last 15 loops and I just have 12 long strips to sew together as well as sewing the 3 sections together.