Still cutting and sewing tumblers...........

I haven't decided if I like the 3" and 6" flannel tumbler blocks together but I have decided that the 9" tumblers will be too large to add and I will just do a quilt of all 9" tumblers later.  

I have the 6" tumblers laid out 2 different ways, one like arrows with points cut off and the other with seams matching.  I need to add one more to the end of those rows but can't do it until I know the layout so I know which end of the row gets the extra piece.

I have 2 more sets of 4 rows of 3" tumblers grouped and ready to sew.   I definitely need more variety in the 6" tumblers if they are going to be used in the same quilt.  So.....I will sew more 3" rows and cut more 6" tumblers.  As I cut the 6" tumblers I will create more scraps to cut 3" tumblers.