Embroidery and rows of tumblers.............

I hadn't used my embroidery machine since December and I want to make a child's quilt with the red 30s reproduction fabrics.  I embroidered 12 blocks yesterday and trimmed them to 5.5".  Now I have to design the quilt.


Yesterday I also finished making the first 2 rows of 3" tumblers and while watching TV last night I sewed 2 more rows and got all 4 rows sewn together. 

I haven't pressed them yet.  I hope I can cut some of the larger tumbler shapes today and sew a couple rows of them too.

I have the next 2 rows of 27 tumblers laid out so maybe I'll get them sewn too.  It is supposed to be bitterly cold today so it should be a good cutting and sewing day.