Do you have one of these?.........

I have 4 days to reorganize the storage areas in my basement.  I worked most of the day down there yesterday.  Do you have one of these panels?  Click on it to enlarge it if you want to read it easier.  It says 1983 Daisy Kingdom on it.  It is still just a panel not made into anything after all of these years.

 A few days ago I found eight more fabrics for the current purple quilt.  Yesterday I found 4 more so I can make 24 more blocks now for a total of 72 blocks.  Now I just need to press out the fold lines and cut the 10" squares.

One of the boxes I went through has my  corduroy yardage.  One of these is 3.5 yards, one 4 yards and one 5 yards.  I'm planning on using these as quilt backs.
There are several more pieces of smaller yardage in the box.
Here are two 60" wide pieces of corduroy, two yards of each.  I'm glad I finally opened the box and went through it.  I knew I had some that was 60" wide but didn't know how much.  There is one more pale yellow print that is about 1 3/4 yards.

I have 2 and a half quilt backs pieced so I hope to load one quilt today and quilt it.