One finished.........

I decided to use the rest of the backing fabric as the binding on the Stonehenge quilt.  I did the binding all by machine.

I will take its portrait today.  I need to either take the Seed Packet squares off a design wall or set up another double wall where the lighting isn't quite as good.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a couple blips that I didn't know if I would fix.  Here is one of them.  It took me 10 minutes last night to find it so the answer is NO, I won't fix it.  The channel lock slipped in this spot.
This is the other spot where the channel lock slipped.  I caught it quicker this time.  Of course it had to be in a dark area where the dark beige thread really shows up.  If I were quilting for someone else I would take it out.  Since it is mine, I'm going to leave it.  It is my one of two humble spots on the quilt.

I chose the binding fabric for the pink and green quilt.  I baked two treats for my daughter in law yesterday so I didn't get this cut yet.