stonehenge fabric

Final finishes for 2016..........

I will post the three finishes in the order that I put the bindings on.  This Stonehenge fabric quilt goes by more than one name.  It is a pattern that is sold but the directions were also in a QUILT magazine with the same exact size pieces but with a different name.  It ended up approximately 62" x 80" when finished.
I used the same fabric for both backing and binding.  I'm really happy with this one.  I know I need to do another pattern with the Stonehenge fabrics in 2017.

The zig zag quilt was the next one I did the binding on.  I used a back with scattered white dots for the binding.

I put a really soft flannel on the back.  It is 47" x 59".

This last one got its binding finished at 10:30 p.m.

I used the same backing that I put on the pink 16 patch quilt last month.  I showed the binding fabric on my post yesterday.  It is 38.5" x 56".

Instead of posting at 5 a.m. I'm going ahead and posting this just before midnight on the last day of 2016.  I will be working on a recap of 2016 to post next.  It will take awhile to make the collages of all of the finished tops and finished quilts.

Happy New Year everyone!!

One finished.........

I decided to use the rest of the backing fabric as the binding on the Stonehenge quilt.  I did the binding all by machine.

I will take its portrait today.  I need to either take the Seed Packet squares off a design wall or set up another double wall where the lighting isn't quite as good.

I mentioned yesterday that I had a couple blips that I didn't know if I would fix.  Here is one of them.  It took me 10 minutes last night to find it so the answer is NO, I won't fix it.  The channel lock slipped in this spot.
This is the other spot where the channel lock slipped.  I caught it quicker this time.  Of course it had to be in a dark area where the dark beige thread really shows up.  If I were quilting for someone else I would take it out.  Since it is mine, I'm going to leave it.  It is my one of two humble spots on the quilt.

I chose the binding fabric for the pink and green quilt.  I baked two treats for my daughter in law yesterday so I didn't get this cut yet.

#3 quilted..............

This Stonehenge fabric quilt was next in line to be quilted.  Diana in SC, if you got to the Label List on my right sidebar and click on Sewing Machines, it tells about all of the machines I quilt on.

I used the channel lock to do straight lines.  For those of you who don't have a long arm, the channel lock only lets the machine move side to side in a straight line.  I have a couple blips in it and if I fix them I'll do it on my regular sewing machine.
My second champagne color cactus is blooming.

I have two orange/peach cactus plants and there was only one bloom on one of them.  I moved the other one closer to the east window to encourage it to bloom.

Stonehenge quilt sewn

I chose to sew layout #3 from yesterday's post.  If I had been making it for myself I may have sewn layout 1 or 2 but this quilt will be a gift quilt.  When I am gifting a quilt to someone I usually pull 3 or 4 quilts and let them pick their choice from them.  Most people choose "safe" layouts rather than whimsical or arty layouts.  Some people like order and repetition and a more modern look.  I have found that a lot of people find my quilts to be too bright and the layouts too wild.  And then there are the rest of you who love my quilts with their 200 (or more) different fabrics and layouts that make you look twice at them.

My main computer died yesterday.  I realized about 3 weeks ago that something was happening to it so I started transferring all of my photos, documents and my email contacts list to my smaller computer that I have in the basement.  I already miss it because it was still Windows 7 and now I'm stuck with Windows 10, a learning curve that I'm not enjoying.

3 layouts.......

I rearranged the blocks for a better balance of colors and prints.  Since there are 3 different colors of the leopard print I wanted them distributed well.
There were 4 layouts on the pattern (pattern info on this post) so I tried 3 of them.  The 4th one was really almost the same as the first one.

Here is the third layout.  I like all of them so I'll just have to pick one and sew it. 

Block progress........

I sewed 4 more blocks yesterday afternoon so 2 each of 7 combinations are done.  I started sewing 4 more last night but didn't finish them.  Pattern info is on this post.  I hope to finish all of them today in addition to baking cookies and finish cleaning the basement.

I started cataloging the Kaffe Fassett fabrics but there is a shadow (me!) because I'm photographing them flat on a table.  I may start over but meanwhile I have up to #12 done.  I am putting them on a new "page" on my right sidebar called Kaffe Fassett fabric catalog.

4 more blocks...........

Yesterday morning I helped my friend kit up 2 more quilts for her to take to AZ with her this winter.  In the afternoon I sewed 4 more blocks of this quilt.  Pattern info on this post.  There are 2 blocks alike of each color  combination and this is half of them, 5 more combinations to sew.
Last year I had 8 tomato plants and they were too crowded so this year I was only going to put in 5.  I ended up getting 2 more and growing them in pots next to the raised bed.  In the beginning of the summer they did great with way more tomatoes than I could eat so I shared with several people.  Then it got too hot and the crop was little golf ball size tomatoes like 2 in this photo. The plants aren't full and bushy either.  For about 3 weeks there were no new blossoms on the plants but finally they started again so I have a new crop growing.  I was reading an article in the newspaper that noted the growing season wasn't ideal this year.

Overlapping squares..........

I made 4 more blocks yesterday and tried some layouts.  There are 2 blocks alike of every combination of fabrics.

I won't decide on a layout until I have all of the blocks made.

I have six blocks sewn, 14 to go.

Information about the pattern on this post

There was a question yesterday about a place to go see all of the Kaffe Fassett fabrics and as far as I know there isn't one.  I have thought about starting another blog where I will post photos of every number (which is up in the 100s now) with the colors I have in each of the numbers.  It will be a long process, meaning pulling out all of the fabrics, arranging them, taking a photo and then putting them back and then the next number, over 100 times.  *Added at 7:30 a.m.--Carol (no reply commenter) gave a link to Kaffe's fabric but it only goes back to 2009.  He started designing fabric in the 1990s.  That link only gives the fabrics starting with #100.  I have fabrics 01 - 99 that I can document also.

Stonehenge quilt........

My friend came over yesterday so I could cut 2 quilts, one for each of us from the Stonehenge fabrics.  I didn't have enough very dark fabrics so I added 4 batiks.  She pressed and I cut 30 fabrics.  Then we sorted them into their groups of 3.
The blocks are 16" square and the pattern is "It's Good to be Square" by Roxanna and Stephanie Prescott for A Quilter's Dream.  I had to piece 2 blocks to see how they would look. I'm always fascinated by the floating square type patterns.
When my friend was done pressing and I was still cutting she started sorting my Philip Jacobs fabrics by number (on the selvage).  She got these 3 stacks done.
There was this much more to sort and I did that last night.  Now that I am re-acquainted with all of the fabrics I need to decide what I'm going to make with them.