In the mail...........

I was so excited to receive a Christmas postcard from Vicki Welsh again this year.  The one in the center is the new one with previous years' cards surrounding it.  She uses her hand dyed fabrics to make them with an occasional commercial print on them.  I have these on display in my studio.
My waxed Amaryllis bulb that doesn't need watering is growing nicely.  Last week's photo is here

Last night I sewed another batch of 16 blocks.  One of the 8' fluorescent bulbs is burning out by my best design wall.  I need to decide where I'm going to lay out this quilt.

Another of the pink and white cacti is blooming.  The next one that will bloom will be the one I call champagne.  It is a pale gold or beige color.  I have 2 of those and they both have buds.

This is just taken at a different angle.  I love the size of the blossoms. I have 28 cacti plants right now and I have 2 plants with these large blossoms.  I love my indoor winter garden.