I sewed one more strip set after I took this photo.  I pressed them last night so I'm one step closer to deciding what I will make out of them.
I started pressing out fold marks and cutting strips for the purple 16 patch quilt.  I have 28 strips cut and that will make 28 blocks.  I could get 2 or 3 strips out of some of the pieces of fabric so if I want more than 2 blocks with each fabric I can use them.  However..........I have lots more larger pieces of fabric from which I can cut strips.

Have you seen one of these?  It is an amaryllis bulb coated with wax and it doesn't need watering.  My sister-in-law gave it to me for Christmas.  She decided she better give it to me early because it was starting to grow.

This is the label that was in the container.  It says the flower stalks are shorter than on the potted bulbs.  There is a wire base that is supposed to keep it from tipping over.  I'll show it once a week so you can watch it grow too.