Quilted and trimmed.............

I decided to do loops of many sizes on this quilt.  It took me about three hours.  The quilt ended up 70.5" x 93.5" so it shrunk up 1.5" in one direction and 2.5" in the other direction.  I used Hobbs 80/20 batting and that one usually does shrink up in quilting.  When I use Warm and Natural batting there isn't usually more than a half inch of shrinkage because of the scrim that the cotton is punched into.  
There are 1728 two inch squares in this quilt and I could have driven myself crazy quilting something in each little square (think heart, star, flower).  

I prefer a relaxed type of quilting.

I haven't looked for binding fabric yet.  I might use the leftover piece of backing fabric.

You can see a little peek of the backing fabric here.  I bought that pink fabric with allover petals about 15 years ago knowing I would make a pink quilt someday.  

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers!