October recap...........

I finished 2 quilt tops in October, both in the first week of the month.  This one is small, 20" square and it was purchased by someone in New Zealand and is there now waiting to be quilted.

This quilt top is 58" x 80.5".  I thought maybe I would put a border on it but the more I think about it, I am pretty sure I'll just quilt it as is for a large couch quilt.

Other fabric related things from October:  I gave a colorwash class, sold 3 finished colorwash wallhangings, cut 42 colorwash kits and sold all of them, started another quilt (big X blocks), started another colorwash wallhanging that is in the tweaking stage, and worked on a small project for a friend.

Now in November I really am going to finish some quilts.  I am going to clean off the long arm table and get busy.  My plan (that probably isn't going to work) is to finish 2 quilts for every one top I finish.  Sending 3 quilts home with my cousin and selling three gives me space to store 6 new finishes.  If I didn't do my own quilting I could make twice as many quilts, maybe three times as many.