More batiks, basting and blooms.......3 B's.........

I found a few more black and gray fabrics in the stack of batiks in the basement and added them to the assortment I showed yesterday.

Several people left comments about black and white quilts yesterday.  I put 4 black and white prints on top of the batiks so you can see the difference.  With regular fabrics the black prints all have white in them whereas the batiks are black and gray.  The regular fabrics have a crisp contrast where the batiks have a softer allover feeling.  Anytime gray is added into the mix it becomes softer.  When choosing regular print black and whites the trick to keeping it crisp is only a little white in the black prints and only a little black in the white prints.  If you have a 50-50 mix it will look gray from a distance.

Last night I basted the small quilt I'm making for a friend.

Here is my first cactus bloom of the blooming season.  The red ones usually don't bloom until the end of November so I was surprised it was the first.

This is the pale pink plant and it is loaded with buds.  I have others that are closer to bloom time and I'll show them soon.