Some stash.......

As I was cleaning off tables in the basement I decided to leave this pile on a table that no one needs to use.  It is a stack that I will cut for my own colorwash squares stash.  They are all multicolor pieces so I rarely cut them for kits.  When I'm doing kits I have to choose a variety of values in each color range and this group changes color too often.
This one can be used in pink, purple and blue areas of a colorwash.

This one will work in red, orange and gold areas.

Green, blue and pink will be isolated in 2.5" cuts.

Gold, beige and blue are the predominant colors of this one.  I will have a stack of squares from each of these fabrics so I can go through the stack to find the piece that will work best.

I had a good time with my cousin and his wife yesterday.  He is the cousin that was on the tricycle in the nostalgia photo I showed about a week ago.  They went home with 2 quilts for themselves and one for their daughter.  It is a wedding present for their daughter a few years late.  Our plan was that they would pick it up and take it to her the next time they traveled to see her.