Final layout..................

This is definitely the final layout.  I have only two seams left to sew.  I decided to move 2 blocks yesterday and in the end I had moved 15 to not get the same fabric next to itself.  I had one extra block and I exchanged that extra with one that was almost all green in the layout yesterday.  I'm much happier with it now.
I mowed the grass yesterday afternoon so I checked out my zinnias.

The Coleus that I planted in the ground didn't get as big as the ones in the pots this year.

I would like to give one more colorwash class at my house later this month (Sandwich IL).  I can do it as a one day class if I restrict your size to no larger than 36" square or it can be 2 days and you can make a larger one.  I have several batik squares kits cut to sell to prospective students or if there is no one interested in a class, I will sell them on my Wandaful blog.  If you are interested in a class email me here or here.  The reason I give 2 choices for email is that a few people have trouble with one of them. If neither of them work for you there is an email link on my right sidebar and a different link in my profile.  If all else fails leave me a comment with your email in it (AT and DOT instead of the symbols).