County Fair photos......

My friend Sarah (one of the 2 friends who come over to sew at my house) won one of the coveted purple ribbons for this quilt.

The Sandwich Fair is really the DeKalb County fair but the fairgrounds are in Sandwich so that name stuck.  This is the 129th year.

Another friend won one of those ribbons too.  

This one is by a friend who was in a quilting guild with me for many years.  I have a lot of talented friends.

More purple ribbon winners, the "best of" in many different categories.

Here are more quilts.  I realize I didn't take photos of 2 of the sections.


I admire all of the work that goes into a yo-yo quilt.

Rain was supposed to be done by 9 a.m. but it started up again before 11 a.m. so we got wet.