Stonehenge quilt........

My friend came over yesterday so I could cut 2 quilts, one for each of us from the Stonehenge fabrics.  I didn't have enough very dark fabrics so I added 4 batiks.  She pressed and I cut 30 fabrics.  Then we sorted them into their groups of 3.
The blocks are 16" square and the pattern is "It's Good to be Square" by Roxanna and Stephanie Prescott for A Quilter's Dream.  I had to piece 2 blocks to see how they would look. I'm always fascinated by the floating square type patterns.
When my friend was done pressing and I was still cutting she started sorting my Philip Jacobs fabrics by number (on the selvage).  She got these 3 stacks done.
There was this much more to sort and I did that last night.  Now that I am re-acquainted with all of the fabrics I need to decide what I'm going to make with them.