Stonehenge quilt sewn

I chose to sew layout #3 from yesterday's post.  If I had been making it for myself I may have sewn layout 1 or 2 but this quilt will be a gift quilt.  When I am gifting a quilt to someone I usually pull 3 or 4 quilts and let them pick their choice from them.  Most people choose "safe" layouts rather than whimsical or arty layouts.  Some people like order and repetition and a more modern look.  I have found that a lot of people find my quilts to be too bright and the layouts too wild.  And then there are the rest of you who love my quilts with their 200 (or more) different fabrics and layouts that make you look twice at them.

My main computer died yesterday.  I realized about 3 weeks ago that something was happening to it so I started transferring all of my photos, documents and my email contacts list to my smaller computer that I have in the basement.  I already miss it because it was still Windows 7 and now I'm stuck with Windows 10, a learning curve that I'm not enjoying.